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  You must approve the site policy before starting the training. The policy is written in as simple and understandable language as possible.



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Before starting the training, you must accept the following rules:

  1. Do not share personal details in group chats and refrain from proposing or joining other groups.
  2. Redirecting to other sites or chat groups is prohibited. Violations can lead to sanctions.
  3. Avoid disturbing others in lessons and forums and do not act aggressively.
  4. Do not use or copy the institute's materials, logos, or name without permission.
  5. Acting as someone else or using their accounts is forbidden.
  6. Do not use any tools or methods to copy our services or data.
  7. Do not unauthorizedly duplicate, distribute, or disclose our services.
  8. Do not share confidential or private information of others.
  9. Refrain from using or distributing copyrighted materials of others without permission.
  10. Do not send malicious codes or viruses.
  11. Avoid tampering with the technological infrastructure of our services.
  12. Do not exaggerate or mislead about your relationship with the institute.
  13. Refrain from using automated methods to add or message individuals.
  14. Do not monitor or mimic our services without authorization.
  15. Avoid abusing our services, causing excessive load, or attempting to block them.

Non-compliance with these rules can result in sanctions. We thank you for your cooperation for a smooth training process!